On October 27, 2023 a patent was filed detailing novel features for NVG recording adapters. You will begin to see these features realized in new products releasing soon. Some of the features are so ground breaking that they will take time to develop beyond what initial reduction-to-practice prototypes in order to create the best user experience.

Key Claims:

You can find these yourself in the filed document via the US PTO, but they are summarized here in short:


  • Diopter Dip: The NVGRA beam splitter sits within the diopter lens housing of the host NVG. Specifically, the NVGRA rides the diopter lens retaining ring as it transitions in diopter adjustments. This is a first of its kind solution that provides a properly aligned captured image for more users of the population than other commercial solutions.


  • Polycarb Beam Splitter: Instead of using a float glass beam splitter, a polycarbonate beamsplitter removes the need for a sacrificial lens assembly. Furthermore, polycarbonate can be shaped in more exotic geometries than can float glass. Additionally, the polycarb beam splitter is much more immune to damage than a float glass beam splitter.

  • Removable Cowling: In many use-cases, the surrounding environment does not blead enough visible light pollution into the captured image to justify a fixed cowling background behind the beam splitter of an NVG recording adapter. Allowing this physical feature to be removable provides the user an opportunity of a much more intimate placement of the NVGRA by reducing the interference with their eye protection.


  • Modular Camera Adapters: Instead of building the camera interface into the NVGRA body, a modular interface exists for any camera adapter geometry. 32 & 40 mm camera cups provide compatibility to most action cameras currently available. The interface allows for any future camera to be adapted, or customizations of any camera adapter to be iterated by any party.



We’re doing the paperwork to export the NVGRA! If you know a party interested in importing the NVGRA, please contact us!