Total Overwatch Productions: What’s New?

NVGRA-14 (Injection Molded)

The injection molded NVGRA-14 just arrived from our US manufacturer, ProtoLabs on 17MAY2024!

Image Before these become available at our distributors, they are available on Amazon.

The Runcam Helmet Camera Adapter

The pairing of the NVGRA with the new RunCam Helmet Camera may turn the mission recording solution space on its head, allowing for seemless transition between white light and NVG recording with the same, long lasting camera. TOP is rapidly developing this solution! Image


Learn more about it here.

Image Find the NVGRA-14-PMC on Amazon at a discount now that it’s injection molded counterpart has been released!


Learn more about it here Image Find the NVGRA-31 on Amazon

Distributors & ITAR exporters, contact us for bulk pricing!

Check out this old throwback from a small business constest in 2018!

Helmet Cam Adapter

Switch from White Light to NVG Recording on the Go! Customers were asking for an NVG recording solution with long battery life with a simple on-button experience. Of course those existed cheaply with RunCams for cheap, but never had that long of a runtime without the addition of a battery pack. Once you have a battery pack, you’d better be using a GoPro or DJI and getting better footage. Now you’ve added quite a bit of weight and bulk....

February 12, 2024 · 4 min · TOP


The New NVGRA-14-PMC Implementing the new patent-pending features, the NVGRA-14-PMC & NVGRA-31 are out now. Features Compatibility with PVS-14 and NVGs with pvs-14 diopters Polycarb beam splitter manufactured in the USA Modular camera adapters for compatibility with many action cameras Cut-out geometry with removable cowling for intimate positioning SLA rugged resin body tested to survive many 4’ drops onto concrete Buy the NVGRA-14-PMC on Amazon

November 24, 2023 · 1 min · TOP


The New NVGRA-31 After a small batch went through field testing, the NVGRA-31 is out now! Features: Compatibility with PVS-31A and NVGs with similar diopters Polycarb beam splitter manufactured in the USA Modular camera adapters for compatibility with many action cameras Cut-out geometry with removable cowling for intimate positioning SLA rugged resin body tested to survive many 4’ drops onto concrete Buy the NVGRA-31 on Amazon Here it is with the optional removable cowling installed....

November 10, 2023 · 1 min · TOP

Patent-Pending & Exports

Patent-Pending: On October 27, 2023 a patent was filed detailing novel features for NVG recording adapters. You will begin to see these features realized in new products releasing soon. Some of the features are so ground breaking that they will take time to develop beyond what initial reduction-to-practice prototypes in order to create the best user experience. Key Claims: You can find these yourself in the filed document via the US PTO, but they are summarized here in short:...

November 4, 2023 · 2 min · TOP

NVGRA: Adapters

People often reach out asking if the NVGRA can fit onto other optics. This ranges from other NVGs to thermals, to rifle scopes. The answer is yes! Adapter Rings The NVGRA-14’s clamp has an inner diameter of 48mm. Checkout the schematic for additional critical dimensions when determining compatibility with your optic. For diameters less than ~47mm, tape can be used to build up the diameter of your optic, but it must be done so symmetrically, otherwise you may suffer from the beam splitter not being centered....

September 17, 2023 · 1 min · TOP

A Free Landmine Simulator

The PMN-2 Simulator I drafted the PMN-2 Simulator back in 2021 based on a similar design we used to train with on Ft Bragg. Recent events in Ukraine have shown that the PMN-2 anti-personel landmine, and many other nomenclatures of landmines, will be a threat for years to come. By distributing files for a free landmine simulator, I hope to aid those who train for future mine clearance operations. Feel free to print, sell, use, and prank your friends as you see fit!...

September 6, 2023 · 1 min · TOP

GoPro Settings

There are a few keys to successful NVG footage recording with a GoPro. GoPro Settings Resolution: 4K FPS: 60 Both Resolution & FPS could be set lower on older models to increase the captured light, but that is not such a big deal on the Hero 11 series. Lens: Linear This is important. Any other lens setting will result in smaller footage. Disable Hypersmooth Their algorithm doesn’t work with NVG footage and will end up moving the NVG circle all over the place....

June 17, 2023 · 2 min · TOP

Mil & Vet Discount

My primary motivator when inventing the NVGRA was to let soldiers, sailors, airmen, & marines capture those memories that occur under NVGs. If only I had NVG footage of hopping onto a blackhawk in the Pech that only had it’s front weels touching the mountain terrace. Or rolling blackout at 50 MPH down mountain roads. Or humping 100 lbs of kit at 15,000 feet all night. The list goes on! Military personel do some of their most extreme things under NVGs and they need better solutions to bring those moments back for teaching & sharing....

June 17, 2023 · 1 min · TOP

NVGRA Warranty

NVGRA Warranty The NVGRA comes with a 90 day warranty on all parts, garanteed to be free of functional defect. Physical damage by the operator is not covered. However, reach out to us. We support our users and will replace subcomponents at cost + shipping. How to Contact Reach out to us on social media and provide proof of purchase along with a description of the problem. We are eager to continuously improve the product and user experience....

April 26, 2023 · 2 min · TOP

NVGRA: Night Vision Goggle Recording Adapter

What? Adapt action cameras to any PVS-14 (NVGRA-14-PMC) or PVS-31 (NVGRA-31) diopter lens to record what you see while using your NVG! Why? Analog image intensifier tube technology enables Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and their users to see in the dark. Their analog nature does not lend toward recording, but digital NVG solutions have not matched the sensitivity of analog NVGs. Thus the need to convert analog NVG images to digital arises for both recording and streaming of NVG images....

April 26, 2023 · 4 min · TOP