There are a few keys to successful NVG footage recording with a GoPro.

GoPro Settings

  • Resolution: 4K
  • FPS: 60
    • Both Resolution & FPS could be set lower on older models to increase the captured light, but that is not such a big deal on the Hero 11 series.
  • Lens: Linear
    • This is important. Any other lens setting will result in smaller footage.
  • Disable Hypersmooth
    • Their algorithm doesn’t work with NVG footage and will end up moving the NVG circle all over the place.
  • ISO MIN: 100
  • ISO MAX: 800
  • White Balance 3200K
  • Sharpness: Medium
  • Color: Flat


There are other tweaks to be made, such as EV-comp (try -1), shutter-speed (2x your FPS is the rule), sharpness, and more. Go out there, do some experiments, and report back!

Preferred workflow Workflow

  • Download the footage from the GoPro over wifi
    • The wifi footage download feature is a huge leap forward and will greatly reduce your editing time when posting content.
  • Post-Processing
    • Either the GoPro app or any other software will easily allow you to crop the footage down to just the NVG image.
      • Recording in 4K leaves you a lot of pixel detail, far more than is actually provided by the NVG image.
    • The GoPro image can be brightened significantly without producing noise.
      • Again, the GoPro’s quality shines here. Experienced editors will have a lot to work with vs other recording solutions.
  • Share directly from your phone

The NVGRA is the fastest way to capture NVG footage and share it. Run a drill and share the footage in minutes, all from your phone!