My primary motivator when inventing the NVGRA was to let soldiers, sailors, airmen, & marines capture those memories that occur under NVGs. If only I had NVG footage of hopping onto a blackhawk in the Pech that only had it’s front weels touching the mountain terrace. Or rolling blackout at 50 MPH down mountain roads. Or humping 100 lbs of kit at 15,000 feet all night. The list goes on! Military personel do some of their most extreme things under NVGs and they need better solutions to bring those moments back for teaching & sharing.

So to further help fix that problem, I offer a military discount. Simply contact any TOP social media and give me some kind of bonafides that you were in the military (literally any military service to include those discharged from basic, idgaf), and I’ll send you a $50 discount code. Profits be damned!