NVGRA Warranty

The NVGRA comes with a 90 day warranty on all parts, garanteed to be free of functional defect. Physical damage by the operator is not covered. However, reach out to us. We support our users and will replace subcomponents at cost + shipping.

How to Contact

Reach out to us on social media and provide proof of purchase along with a description of the problem. We are eager to continuously improve the product and user experience. Feedback from the field is a critical component to this process!

Vendor Returns

The beauty of selling on Amazon as that the NVGRA is beholden to their customer-focused return policy. Feel free execute a return, but please do reach out with your concerns before or after. We care most about continuous improvement.


A user of the “2017 original” reporting that they damaged their NVGRA’s body is what caused the development of the 2023 NVGRA. Without users, this product would not exist.


The terms above are subject to change in the future and are the current description of after-sale care that we provide. If they need modification in the future, we will change them. The 90-day window provides an honest & acheivable agreement between seller & buyer. As described above, replacement has been executed on user’s subcomponents after 5-years. Let’s see how this next iteration goes?