Adapt a GoPro to any PVS-14 diopter lense. Image Image Image


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PVS-14, ANVIS-6, ANVIS-9, *Any PVS-14 Diopter Lens Hero 7,9,10, 11 & Mini

GoPro Compatibily

  • GoPro has kept their lens face dimensions stable for a few generations now, so we boast compatibility with the Hero 7, 9, 10, & 11 lineup. As more users try different cameras, we will update this section.

NVG & Mount Compatibilty

  • As above, we are currently fleshing this out. We are exploring different mount combinations as well as left/right eye orientations. Some combinations simply will not allow the GoPro to fit, be it from the helmet or your face. Check back soon for additional information on the above compatibility matrix.


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