Adapt action cameras to any PVS-14 (NVGRA-14-PMC) or PVS-31 (NVGRA-31) diopter lens to record what you see while using your NVG!



Analog image intensifier tube technology enables Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and their users to see in the dark. Their analog nature does not lend toward recording, but digital NVG solutions have not matched the sensitivity of analog NVGs. Thus the need to convert analog NVG images to digital arises for both recording and streaming of NVG images. Be it for training & promotion material, or for connecting NVG users digitally in real-time, the demand for NVG recording solutions is growing.

The solution space for an NVG recording solution is constrained by metrics of space, weight, & power, as well as those of captured image quality, digital capabilities, and overall user experience. Few commercial products have existed in this space, ranging from expensive military grade kits to hobby grade spy cameras in FDM 3D printed housings. Prior beam splitter solutions have failed to capture the entire NVG image due to non-optimal beam splitter geometries. Spy camera based solutions block a portion of the NVG user’s view with a camera & ribbon cable. The mounted camera is also too close to capture the entire NVG image and instead provides a false “full circle” due to the extremely close placement filling the camera’s circular pin-hole aperture.



The Night Vision Goggle Recording Adapter (NVGRA) captures the entire NVG tube image while not obstructing the user’s view. It exists within the confined space between an NVG user’s face, their eye protection, helmet, and the NVG’s diopter lens. It provides a full NVG image to any action camera by reflecting a small portion of the light with a plate beam splitter. The beam splitter (BS) is manufactured with a tailored geometry that dips into the NVG diopter lens assembly. This unique feature both allows for the full image to be captured and also reduces how far the recorder extends towards the operator’s face.


Use Cases

Record your NVG footage…

  • for review after mission, training, or any other event.
  • to capture your fun moments in the dark!

Stream your NVG footage…

  • to a nearby phone for training & coaching, leveraging the ability to see what you see.
  • over a tactical data network to enhance situational awareness of the battlefield!

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The new modular variants of the NVGRA come with a 32 mm camera adapter installed. 38 & 40 mm adapters are available. Additional adapters will be available soon. Check below for dimensions for designing your own adapters if you are so inclined.

Action Cameras

NVGRA Camera
32 mm GoPro Hero 7,8,9,10,11,11 Mini, DJI Action 3
32 mm w/ Adapter GoPro Hero 3,4,5
38 mm RunCam 5
40 mm DJI Action 2, Action 3 in Case, Insta360RS,
40 mm w/ Adapter GoPro Session, RunCam 5


NVGRA-14 Any PVS-14 Diopter Lens: PVS-14, ANVIS-6&9, Sentinels, DTNVG, LLUL, etc
coming soon AGM-50
coming later PVS-15/18
maybe coming Jerry’s

GoPro Compatibily

  • GoPro has kept their lens face dimensions stable for a few generations now, so we boast compatibility with the Hero 7-12 lineup. As more users try different cameras, we will update this section.

NVG & Mount Compatibilty

  • As above, we are currently fleshing this out. We are exploring different mount combinations as well as left/right eye orientations. Some combinations simply will not allow the GoPro to fit, be it from the helmet or your face. Check back soon for additional information on the above compatibility matrix.

Additional Compatibility

  • Checkout the adapters page for information on adapting the NVGRA to other NVGs, thermals, & scopes!


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NVGRA-14-M Critical User Dimensions:

    / [pdf]

NVGRA-14-32 Critical User Dimensions:

    / [pdf]

NVGRA-14-40 Critical User Dimensions:

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