People often reach out asking if the NVGRA can fit onto other optics. This ranges from other NVGs to thermals, to rifle scopes. The answer is yes!

Adapter Rings

The NVGRA-14’s clamp has an inner diameter of 48mm. Checkout the schematic for additional critical dimensions when determining compatibility with your optic. For diameters less than ~47mm, tape can be used to build up the diameter of your optic, but it must be done so symmetrically, otherwise you may suffer from the beam splitter not being centered. For precision, the below adapters can be used. Feel free to download and print them. Don’t have a printer? Reach out to us!

Compatibility Matrix

Optic Optic OD Adapter Ring
US Optics B-25/F-25 41.19mm 48-41mm
AGM 41.74mm 48-42mm
Schmidt & Bender 42.5 48-42mm
Leupold Mark 5 44.29mm 48-44mm
Nightforce ATACR 5-25 46.07mm 48-46

Have an optic not listed here? Provide the outer diameter and we’ll add it! Something not right? Report it!


Click a link to download the stl file for these adapter rings.

NVGRA-14 Adapters